Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Wessex Warries, A Day Out

I have been playing powerchair football for 5 months now. 
By nature I am a very competitive person, so naturally I love the game. But it's an expensive sport, the club own the chairs for us to use, 8 in counting. So we look for sponsorship and we've been very lucky to receive this from AFC Bournemouth.

And we got a tour of the site as well. The iLevel did surprise me how at versatile it was, It could not be useful when you’re among other wheelchair users.
 I could easily wait at the back and still see what was going on. 
This not only made me feel part of the event but it helped increased my concentration, I would normally only use one sense but now i could use two, my eye and ears.

The Q6 Edge 2.0 also allowed me to take photo's of where the players were when they speak and analyse there performance on TV. 
This was pretty awesome and if I was in my old chair, I would have been too low and missed out on this moment.

 Our purpose of being there was to have a team photo, the first time I did this my iLevel was useful due to being at the back. 
This shot I got someone to take, In which I moved forward to bridge a gap.


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