Sunday, 8 May 2016

A Day Trip to London

I found myself heading into London at 6am, a time which I feel should not exist. Lucky Sheldon can do the first part of the journey to the station!

The Q6 Edge 2.0 made me more confident that I could cross London on my own. Using iLevel would help me see sighs to platforms  and to avoid  hurting people as people cant always see you when you a 3ft tall.

So as I got off the train at Waterloo, I engaged iLevel, it went down the ramp safely. I was able to see the flow of people going on direction and see the people I need in order to help me get to the right place..............
Now was the highlight of my journey, the tube. This regardless of my mode of mobility was the most nervous part of it. For this was the second time I used the tube, the first I used it as a multi-train joinery

But to my amazement, unlike the train service I just drove on the tube. Well squeezed on to it! Thanks to this I was not required to disengage iLevel which meant I could communicate to the others when I needed to get off!

Who have thought it me in London on the tube, where will I go next?


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